10 Reasons I'd Give My Kid A Sticker for "Childing" Real Good

by ParentCo. July 26, 2016

In today’s world, taking nouns and turning them into verbs is a thing.

Take the word "adulting" for example, a noun-turned-verb creation. Urban Dictionary defines "adulting" as: to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.

I like this idea, but it got me thinking. Adulting is tough. We like to complain about it all the time, and we try to encourage each other so we can get through this harsh world of responsibility none of us really wants. There are even stickers you can give other adults when they do a good job at adulting.

Paid a bill on time? Sticker! Didn’t burn the toast this morning? Sticker! Actually got the kids to school on time this week? Sticker! Put pants or a bra on today? Sticker.

You get the idea.

But life can be pretty tough for the kids in our lives too. Childhood can be hard. They deserve their own noun-turned-verb and their very own set of stickers!

Here are 10 reasons I would give my children a sticker when they do a stellar job at "childing."

1| Not crying at the sight of a bug.

Let me be clear. Screaming, shouting for mom and dad, or leaping onto the nearest chair are all acceptable reactions to the sight of any six- or eight-legged creature in the house, but bursting into uncontrollable sobs is not.

If my kids see a fly and don’t immediately weep—sticker.

2 | Eating a green vegetable.

Let’s face it, this one can be tough for adults too. Even I prefer my veggies with seasonings and teriyaki sauce, and there must be a large bowl of ranch nearby.

If my kids eat any sort of green vegetable without me having to beg — sticker. Bonus sticker if they don’t make a funny face or say, "Eew!"

3 | Doing homework without an eye roll.

Homework sucks. Don’t try to deny it. If you tell me one more time your kid LOVES school and can’t wait to do homework, I might unfriend you on Facebook.

No need for shouts of joy, I would simply be content if I said to my daughter, “It’s time to do homework,” and she said, “Ok,” without an eye roll. Sticker!

4 | Not hitting.

I don’t condone violence of any kind. For some reason, my kids are not quite at the level of self-control I hope they can manage when they become adults.

To gain that self-control, any time my toddler refrains from popping a friend upside the head for taking his toy – sticker!

5 | Picking up.

I’m not asking for miracles here. I'd be happy if my kids could manage to pick up five toys and put them in a bin. Or, if they can get their dirty socks anywhere close to the laundry basket – sticker!

6 | Sleeping in their bed.

My kids have a habit of climbing into our bed in the middle of the night. I’m sure my inability to put my foot down is responsible for the lack of legroom on my king size mattress. However, if my kids sleep the whole night in their own bed? King-sized sticker!

7 | Not painting the tables and/or walls.

I have some creative kiddos, which is great, most of the time. And I don’t let them run around the house with paint and glitter glue, if that's what you are thinking. Yet, despite all my careful preparation – the newspaper laid over the counters, the paper towels set out for cleanup – my kids still manage to spill the paint on the floor, get it on their hands, which is then transferred to my walls.

If they manage to get creative without my house suffering for their craft – glitter sticker!

8 | Not yelling at each other.

My kids love each other, they really do. For some reason when communicating, they find it necessary to yell with increased volume as if the kid who screams the loudest gets the award. I will give a reverse reward for the kid who can argue the quietest – quiet sticker!

9 | Cleaning and/or grooming of any kind.

My kids walk around with permanent food mustaches and use their clothes as a napkin. You'd think they were actively trying to be the grossest kid in town. I promise you that I have shown them numerous times how to wipe their faces and wash their hands.

If I witness them doing it well and without being asked? Miracle sticker!

10 | Not whining over electronics.

We all love our tech, that’s just the world we're living in. I try to limit the electronics so my kids can have a balanced life, but I've yet to ask my kids to put down their iPads without a bout of whining.

That exciting day when they shuffle to the backyard without mumbling under their breath will earn them at least three childing stickers AND a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese.



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