18 Mad Men GIFs that remind us what we once took for granted

by ParentCo. May 17, 2015

scene from the tv show mad men in a restaurant

It's the end of an era - where parents all over America pour that late night cocktail and escape into the world of Mad Men. Let's face it. Most of the characters in Mad Men are dysfunctional role models by modern parenting standards, but they remind us of all those privileges we took for granted before we became parents.

Like taking your time on the toilet, showering or getting dressed without children barging in on you.

Having a long leisurely meal at a restaurant without having to ask kids to get out from under the table or stop running in the aisles.

Grocery shopping solo and taking as long as you want to compare prices or read labels without worrying your kids are knocking down displays or getting lost in the aisles.

Staying in bed as long as you want in the morning reading, sleeping or just staring at the wall without worrying if someone is going to kill themselves stacking furniture or wander outside alone.

Not to mention having the time and space to puke your guts out alone when you're sick without having someone interrupt to ask you to make them a snack or empty out their portable potty.

You're rarely around bodies of water without feeling anxious that one of your children might drown if you take your eyes off of them for a second.

The days of goofing off and staying late at work are over. You're an efficient, focused machine knowing you need to get to piano practice, pick up at daycare or make dinner for the family.


Absolutely, positively no stupid and wreck less choices. You're not on your own anymore.

Sure, we miss some of the luxuries we had before we had kids.

Yes, we now get irrationally, maniacally happy when we get to experience one of these liberties. But thank the stars, we're not like the parents in Mad Men.



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