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by ParentCo. September 25, 2015

campingwknd2015-17 copy "Just remember that what you take for granted in your own life, someone else is wishing for." A simple and welcome reminder. Need to calm an anxious child? The best method is actually the simplest. Want to start eating healthier? These 19 resources can help. Education is important, but so is playing. When homework time spills over into playtime, how much is too much? We were surprised to find some great modern advice in these excerpts from a 1955 manual of child development. Keeping organized when co-habitating with kids isn't easy. But the en vogue Marie Kondo method is worth the work. If you haven't given 3 minutes of your life to watching this Zen little girl's speech on getting along, do the world a favor and make some time. This New York Times opinion piece is worth a thorough read. A Toxic Work World.



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3 Ways to Raise Children who Love to Read

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What if our children say “reading is boring”—how do we reset their love of reading? Here are 3 ways to put the spark back into your children’s love for books.

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Kid Made Recipe: Funfetti Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Add rainbow sprinkles to a package of store bought cookie mix and you’re halfway done already. Who needs the ice cream truck?

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5 Things I Hope My Children Learn From Growing a Vegetable Garden

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There are endless other little lessons that I hope my children pick up on through gardening. I'm looking forward to the ones they point out to me someday.

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