Take an Internet Field Trip: 5 Links to Share with Your Kids

by ParentCo. May 02, 2015

large robots with a child riding a bike in-between them

Share awesome, fun links with your kids on an Internet Field Trip curated for Parent Co. by Today Box. Today Box curates fun and educational facts, videos, photos, and jokes for curious kids, parents, and educators.
Week of May 2, 2015
 It takes 25 days, seven people, and 30,000 kites to assemble Jacob Hashimoto's "Gas Giant" art installation. Oversee an installation at the Museum of Contemporary of Art in this timelapse.
 What would the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina look like if it was invaded by giant robots and wind-up toys? Watch this short film by Black Sheep Films to find out!  Jessica the Hippo is no ordinary hippo. See this unusual pet snuggle under blankets, sneak snacks from the kitchen, and sleep with the family dogs in this funny video.  Science teacher Alom Shaha shows you how to make an inexpensive wave machine using common materials you can find in your home in this video from the Today Box archives.  What sounds would alphabet letter shapes make in music? They Might Be Giants helps spark the imagination in this music video called "Letter Sounds." View over 1,000 amazing kid-friendly posts on Today Box.



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