Hands on with the fun new Vine Kids app

by ParentCo. March 05, 2015

The new Vine Kids app is fun. Like regular Vine, it features six second looping videos. Unlike regular Vine, all Vine Kids videos are curated for safety and appropriateness for young children. Vine Kids has its own, kid-friendly look and feel. It features animated characters, silly noises, and a vibrant, easy-to-navigate side swiping interface. Our kid loves it. Tonight we watched a monkey riding a dog, a baby monkey having a bath in a sink, a pug eating a banana, stop motion singing eggs, and a band of musical cats. We could have kept swiping though these videos for hours, but alas, it was almost bedtime. Most of these videos are highly creative. However, some reviewers are knocking Vine Kids videos for being mindless. It is a bit mindless, but doses of amusement between life's serious and focused tasks is good for the mind. (For grownups, at least, there's research to back this up.) I also think it's great when grownups take a few minutes away from the "job" of parenting to simply enjoy ridiculous videos together with their kids. Vine Kids is a safe app that you can let kids use without supervision. Videos have audio, which can be tricky in busy settings. Most of the Vine Kids videos I've seen are entertaining even with the audio turned off. Vine Kids is free, but it's currently only available for iOS. Read about it on Vine's company blog and get it here. For further context, read Common Sense Media's review here.



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