Introducing Notabli For Android

by ParentCo. October 06, 2015

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Today at Parent Co. we’re proud to announce Notabli for Android. Many of you are shouting “Finally!” while others are wondering “What’s Notabli?” For the first group, finally is right. Notabli for Android isn’t just a clone from iPhone to Android. It was custom built from the ground up leveraging and building on Google’s Material Design language. It’s fast, stable, and beautiful, and we think Android users will love it. It even has a few Android-first features, like an engaging display grid display and the ability to sort moments by type. 

The best way to capture, organize, and protect photos and videos of your kids.

For the second group, Notabli is an app for iPhone, Android, and web designed to help parents manage the thousands of media files they capture of their kids. Unlike other photo-saving services or social media networks, Notabli was designed purely for kid moments. Parents use it to capture, organize, protect, and selectively share photos, videos, audio, quotes and notes of their kids. Instead of having these files scattered across various phones, computers, and social media sites, Notabli gathers them into a single, secure library in the cloud. No more stress about how to manage digital moments across multiple devices. Everything is automatically backed up and protected, so parents never need to worry about losing an important photo or video of their kid again. Each parent can add moments to their kid’s library. Anyone invited to follow that kid in Notabli will automatically see the moment appear in their timeline. For parents, this solves the problem of wondering who has the better photo. For extended family and friends, it allows them to keep up with the kids they love, no matter where they live. Easier than email.

Notabli is a private network.

Privacy on Notabli is simple: parents control it. Unlike social media networks, only people invited to keep up can see a kid’s moments. Parents can optionally share individual moments to Facebook or Twitter. They can also lock individual moments, so even people who were invited to follow a kid won’t see it. Kid moments are different than everyday media files Because Notabli is designed exclusively for kid moments, that’s all you see when you open it on any device. You don’t have to sort through twenty photos of a random sunset, or multiple photos of last night’s dinner. There are no posts from people you barely know, no questionable content, and no ads. Notabli is a space just for your kids. You own everything you post there, and can download all your files in full resolution at any time. 

Notabli v3 API

Building Notabli for Android gave us an opportunity to make substantial upgrades to the backend of the entire Notabli platform. While much of this work is invisible on the surface, all Notabli users will benefit from these improvements. They will also make it easier for us to add new features.

Three years, millions of moments

The first group of kids who started on Notabli three years ago have experienced incredible milestones. Some of them learned to walk. Others learned to run, read, ride bikes. They learned to talk. They started school for the first time. They moved to new places. Older kids went from middle school to knowing how to drive and even working at their first jobs. One thing we’ve learned since we launched Notabli three years ago: it’s more than just an app. It’s a window into the life of a loved child, an invaluable connection for families around the world. And that’s what’s most important to us at Parent Co. Get Notabli for Android.



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