Introducing Notabli on the Web

by ParentCo. February 18, 2015

Introducing Notabli on the Web Parent Co. was founded to build a better web for families. Our first product is Notabli, which we just relaunched with a brand-new desktop app to complement the existing iOS app. Notabli makes it easy to save and organize your child’s great moments, with ways to share with those who care most. It originally launched in 2012, which is when I started using it. (Two years before I started working full-time with Parent Co.) This is one of the very first photos I saved to Notabli:
Notabli First Shot A Notabli Moment from November 20, 2012
Same kid, now six, a couple of weeks ago:
310997-0e9086fb-f9b8-4303-b6c5-ec13adf8dffe A Notabli Moment from January 18, 2015
In the past two years, our family has saved hundreds of moments of our child’s life in Notabli. Some of them are milestones – birthdays and holidays, visits to special places, accomplishments in sports or at school. But most of them are small moments, fleeting and otherwise forgotten. It’s the small moments I love to return to. A photo from an ordinary winter walk when she was four. A backyard barbecue when she was five. A funny quote from a lazy Sunday at home when she was six. Sometimes I miss that tiny kid from a couple of years ago. It’s a bit sobering to realize she’ll never be so young ever again. But it’s also literally awe-inspiring to witness her progress as a rapidly growing human being. I have an emotional connection to the moments stored in my Notabli account. They’re the most important I’ve created and saved over the past few years. Of course, at the end of the day, those moments only really exist as hundreds of digital files. 1929-moments Notabli solves a major practical problem by automatically saving, organizing and backing up those digital files, with very little active management required. In the years that I’ve used Notabli, I’ve opened new social media accounts, and deleted (or forgotten) others. I’ve gone through three computers and three iPhones. I’ve taken tens of thousands of digital photos. My iPhoto library is a disaster, but my steadily growing Notabli archive is perfectly organized. That’s a benefit of Notabli’s singular focus on capturing a child’s moments. It’s also a benefit of the “automatic curation” that happens with apps like Notabli. Similar to Instagram, I may take a dozen snaps of a scene, but only post the one I like most. Unlike Instagram (or other social networks) Notabli is a secure, closed network by default. The only people who can see the hundreds of photos, videos, quotes, notes and audio clips of my child are those my parter and I deliberately invite to follow her. We don’t mind publicly posting a few photos of our kid (as you can see by this article), but we want most of them to stay private just for us and our closest family and friends. This has two benefits: our far-flung family can easily keep up with our kid, and our friends on Facebook and Instagram won’t get flooded with 2.5 photos of our kid every single day.

A Big, Bold New Desktop Approach

As mentioned above, Notabli originally launched for iOS. It now has a full-screen browser-based app in public beta that makes it even easier to manage Notabli kid moments on the web. My parter and I mostly use this to upload older baby photos before Notabli existed. It’s also a great way for certain smartphone-averse family members to keep up with our kid. We at Parent Co. are very proud of Notabli. We use it ourselves, every single day. We hope you find it as useful as we do. Made By Parent Co



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