Issue #3: The Parent's Guide to Sleep

by ParentCo. December 09, 2015

Sleep nourishes health, happiness, creativity, and productivity. When we don't get enough sleep, our bodies and minds quickly suffer.

Unfortunately, most parents are chronically sleep deprived. This issue of the Parent Co. Magazine is partly dedicated to helping parents sleep better. But it's also dedicated to the creative aspect of sleep.
I'm not just talking about dreams - I'm talking about the synthesis of memories and emotions that occupy our brains when our conscious minds are at rest. "There is something that's going on in a very structured manner during rest and during sleep," says Stanford neurologist Dr. Josef Parvizi in an interview with NPR. That's why our brains consume enormous amounts of energy, even in our deepest slumber. The Dalai Lama says that "Sleep is the best meditation." Indeed, I believe that our minds are most creative when we sleep. Here's to deeper, more creative sleep in your life.


  1. The Ultimate Guide for Parents Who Desperately Need Sleep - Edward Shepard
  2. The Leaving SleepAutumn Spencer ?
  3. The Second Rule of New Parent Sleep Deprivation: Don’t Talk About Sleep DeprivationBrigitta Burguess
  4. 21 Tips For Getting Stubborn Kids Out of Bed in the Morning - Edward Shepard
  5. Rest In Peace: Saying Goodbye to an Old Semi-beloved PetAnna Rosenblum Palmer
  6. 250 Years of Advice for Getting Your Baby to Sleep”Amanda Levinson
  7. Sleep Proverbs, Re-Imagined for New ParentsNina Griffin
  8. Night Diary: 11/14/15, New York – Kerin Sulock
  9. When Everything Else Failed, It Was Ferber TimeDiana Whitney
  10. Sleep: The Common Struggle of the First Years - Sarah DeSilvey
  11. Sleep? More Like “Choose Your Own Adventure” – Sara Goldstein
  12. Playlist of Songs for Waking up on Spotify – Sara Goldstein



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