Need to Know: Hunger Crunch Game

by ParentCo. February 06, 2015

Busy parents Need to Know. Every week we highlight one album, book, app, movie or show that’s about to blow up. There are two things you need to know about Hunger Crunch. First, it’s an awesome, superfun iPhone game. Second, it’s part of a trend of mobile games that funnel proceeds from in-app purchases to a good cause. First, the game. It’s a side-scroller set in a colorful, beautifully designed world. You play as a Beast, stomping and smashing minions and collecting candy coins and collectables as you go. There’s running, jumping and boss fights galore. It’s fun for both grownups and kids. While it’s a winner on the merits of gameplay alone, it’s also designed to serve a cause - fighting hunger. All purchases made in the app (for example, to unlock new abilities) go to Rice Bowls, a nonprofit working to feed orphaned children where the need is greatest.
When you play, you can help provide much-needed food to these awesome kids.
I’ve helped design mobile games. I know that only about 1.5% of people who download a mobile game actually spend money in it. About 50% of total game revenue comes from just the top 10% of players. It all adds up, however - Gartner estimates that $22 billion will be spent this year on in-app purchases. The vast majority of that money is spent (thrown away?) in mobile games. We’re going to see more games (like Hunger Crunch) that designed to generate revenue for a good cause. To work, these games need to be well designed and genuinely fun to play. Hunger Crunch succeeds on both counts. The game itself is free. In-game purchases range from $.99 to $14.99. Get Hunger Crunch for iPhone here. Website @hungercrunch On Facebook



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