The best app for tinkerers of all ages- The Everything Machine

by ParentCo. August 25, 2015

As parents of reasonably connected kids, we've come to depend on certain developers to create innovative products that require little to no vetting on our part. Tinybop certainly fits that bill. Their latest offering, The Everything Machine, is an open ended building app that harnesses the capabilities of your device's camera, microphone, speakers, gyroscope, and screen to create almost any machine your mini-maker can dream up. Using basic concepts of circuitry and programming, components can be dragged, dropped and connected in endless combinations. The results, everything from a face detecting fart machines to kaleidoscopes, can be saved to use over and over, or transmitted to a friend's device to share. Why we love it There is absolutely nothing passive about the screen time that goes into tinkering with The Everything Machine. Applying "if this, then that" logic takes focus, even if the end result is Siri incessantly declaring "You. Pooped. You. Pooped. You Pooped." over a looping fart beat. And because the possibilities are essentially endless, there's really something for everyone. More sophisticated inventors can make things like a synesthesia-sizer, or even a monster catcher. But no matter what they create, it's undeniably time well spent. Let us know what your kids come up with! Tinybop's The Everything Machine is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch for 2.99 here.



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