Parents Need to Know: Amazon Dash

by ParentCo. March 31, 2015

You're about to hear a lot about Amazon ??Dash?, the new button that lets you wear sweatpants always.

Amazon Dash is a physical button that you push to order big-brand staple products like Tide laundry detergent or Cottonelle toilet paper. It sticks to a wall near where the product is used. For example, over your toilet. Eligible products for the Dash Button include things like toilet paper, cleaning products, juice, personal grooming products, dog food and much more. Here's a list of all currently available products. The Dash Button uses the Amazon mobile app and a WiFi network. It's free with Prime. You can only push the button once per order; the button ignores subsequent pushes until your first order is delivered. (Otherwise, your kids might order a metric ton of Spongebob Easy Mac.) At first we thought it might be an April Fool’s Joke, but it's legit. And as we've been conditioned to do in this age of the internet, we combed twitter for the best responses to this display of absurdity.



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