Why Using Facebook, Google, And Twitter To Log Into Apps Is A Problem | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

by ParentCo. April 24, 2015

"The Big Three gatekeepers have an enormous amount of data about us. They’re like Santa Claus: They know when we’ve been sleeping; they know when we’re awake; and they know when a new dating app gets hot because every new entrant is built on Facebook login and access to the friend list. You shouldn’t need to get hacked to realize the scale of authority being outsourced. I don’t want to return to a world where I need a separate key for every digital service. But given the information at stake, the Big Three need to help us manage it better. They could let us choose to revoke access for any app that we haven’t used in a while. They could be more transparent about what they learn from the permissions we grant. We’re putting a lot of trust in Facebook, Google, and Twitter. They should have to re-earn it continually." Read the whole thing: Why Using Facebook, Google, And Twitter To Log Into Apps Is A Problem | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.



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