6 Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes for Your Unsuspecting Baby

by ParentCo. October 18, 2016

Let's be honest, We have a very small window – from birth until about 2 years – to impose costume influence over our kids.
Parents! Fans of Westeros! The time is now.
Seize your waning opportunity to transform your baby, toddler, or even the two of you into one of your favorite Game Of Thrones scenes. We've assembled some inspiration below to get you started.

The Bear and the Maiden Fair ( Brienne )

Re-create the fight scene between Brienne and the Bear (S:3, E:10) with this fancy pink dress paired with this faux fur vest. Tuck a stuffed teddy and sword into their carrier or stroller to complete the look. 
Alternative Mommy & baby Idea
Deck yourself out as Brienne in a similar outfit as above, and dress your tot as your furry adversary in this cute bear costume.


Game Of The Porcelain Throne ( Tywin's Death Scene )

Tyrion kills Tywin while he's sitting on the john in S:4, E:10. While this wasn't the kind of heroic demise that Tywin would have liked, it makes for a pretty comical costume.
Create a fake arrow wound
Remove and discard the lower part of the arrow by cutting the dowel three inches below the end of the feathers. Use a hot glue gun to attach a large button flush to the end of the dowel (where you just cut). Put the button through one of the buttonholes of the vest – so the button is hidden in the vest, and the feathered end is sticking straight out. This shirt resembles Tywin's night shirt, and a pair of nude or pink leggings will help complete the pants-less look. 

Battle of the Bastards ( John, Locks-of-Love, Snow )

Not feeling very DIY-y this year? Well, this costume from Target pretty much has you covered. Bonus points if your little one has some surfer-dude (or dudette) thing going on because no John Snow is complete without those beautiful flowing locks. 

Daenerys and Her Dragon

There are times when life can be a real son-of-a-gun, and then there are times when it smiles down and presents us with costumes that make kids looks like they're riding a dragon. Thank you, life! Transform your daughter into Daenerys with this long-sleeved white dress, Rapunzel wig (hairstyle DIY here), and then use silver spray paint to turn this dragon toy into a necklace. 
Alternative baby & mommy idea
Dress yourself as Daenerys and dress your kid as a dragon in this one piece costume

Burning Down The House ( Cersei's Revenge )

Season six wrapped up with the fiery explosion at Baelor's Sept, and Cersei's rise to the throne. Use this armor-look-alike dress, mini tiara, spray painted toy shoulder pads, and wildfire candy collector to recreate this memorable episode. 

Baby-snatching White Walker

Are you a fan of scary costumes? Do you also have a very new baby that's too young to be afraid of a terrifying mask? Well, then, this parent and baby costume might just be for you. Dress yourself as a White Walker, and then simply wrap your baby in a brown blanket and carry him around with you for the night.



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