To My Granddaughter: Do Not Lose Faith in People

by ParentCo. November 15, 2016

legs of grandmother and grand child

Dear Granddaughter,

How did you get to be nine months old already?

In a wink, you’ll be trading your pacifier for a driver’s license, then a brief case and stilettos as you make your way into the world. I want to slow time, to freeze it – protect you as you are.

I want to tell you this world will be all good and wonderful things. I want to tell you there is beautiful inspiration everywhere. And there is. You will love the baby animals. You will love the bluest of skies, and see clouds form fluffy hearts and puffy baby elephants that will float over you like magic. You’ll point and giggle and roll on the grass as a puppy licks your face.

You'll dream of wonderful things to come and imagine all of the possibilities. You’ll hear fairy tales of beautiful people, of love, romance, and adventure. You’ll learn there are villains in these stories, those that mean harm and ill will toward others. They’ll scare you, your eyes will widen, and you’ll cry. You’ll be told that good always wins and triumphs over bad. And when you watch Disney, you’ll hope for this, and believe it to be true.

You’ll learn about planet earth, and how tiny we are compared to the universe. Tears of wonder will fill your eyes when you behold the stars on a clear night because it’ll be too magnificent to be real.

I wish I could say everyone will like you and love you. And most will. A few will not and you won’t know why. Don’t spend time feeling bad about it, wish them your best and go be with those who want your star to shine.

What I can’t tell you is why bad things happen, things that may upset or scare you, mean things that people do to each other. You won’t understand why, and I can’t explain it. No one really can. Because no one really knows.

You must not lose faith in people. Some will explain things according to their beliefs. Do not simply accept their beliefs. Question everything and seek answers. Seek your own truth.

Look for the good in people, and you’ll find it. When you do, let it rub off on you. When you see the bad in people, try to help them to see the good in themselves. Give them a second chance. Don’t hate when you see people hurt one another. Be kind, be empathetic, but be strong in your conviction to stand up for what is good in this world. There is so much good!

Our generation should have given you a much better world. In some ways, I suppose we have. But in many ways, we have not. Please, don’t despair. So many are doing so much. And one of these days, maybe peace really will win out. Each generation thinks change is all about them, when in reality, it’s about you, and the generations to come after you.

Never give up on humanity. And please, never stop loving and caring. This is the stuff of life. Each of us chooses our way and it’s not easy. How will you know each choice will be the right one? You won’t. You must believe in yourself and believe in those you love. Your life will work out. Maybe not exactly the way you want it to – there will always be unexpected obstacles. But you’ll push your way through and around them because you will be a determined force.

This is a lot to rest on the shoulders of a baby.

I love you. So many people love you. You’ll feel this love and it will strengthen you. Don’t expect anyone or anything to create your happiness. You must create it yourself by choosing it. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. You have freedom of choice, so be sure you choose wisely. Resolve to be happy.

And, mostly, you will be.

All my love – forever and ever,

Your grandmother.



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