Dear Moms, We Are Dropping Serious Cash on Toys

by ParentCo. February 19, 2016

The smart, connected toy market is set to hit 2.8 billion this year. And toymakers can thank moms for that. In a study done by MediaPost and presented at the Digital Kids Conference, 65% of moms will pay more for a smart, connected toy vs. a traditional toy. Another 23% of us would be willing to lay out 80+ bones for those smart toys. And what drives our toy-buying, above all else? An ask. As in, 53% of mothers purchase toys simply because our kid asked us to buy it. In related news: If I start asking people to buy me things -- handbags, BMWs, vacations, whatnot -- will I get a yes at least half the time? THAT WOULD BE SO RAD. Barring a direct ask, moms buy toys that come with the promise of education. Think: STEM -- the hottest toy trend of 2015. Hey, at least our intentions are good. We research our purchases too. Over 65% of moms sought blog recommendations and read reviews before purchasing. We were happy enough to ignore the reviews, however, if another mom-friend offered a recommendation. Awww. That's sweet! Sisters before stars, am I right?! Only 28% of us actively look for toys that promote creative and imaginative play. Of course, imaginative play enhances a child's cognitive flexibility, encourages the exploration of feelings and ideas, and supports problem-solving skills. But -- hey -- no prob. Maybe we just keep props and costumes in mind when we're unloading our collective billions on toys this year.
Source: MediaPost



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