dokiWatch: The World's Most Advanced Smartwatch For Kids

by ParentCo. January 18, 2016

Doki Technologies is raising funds for dokiWatch: The World's Most Advanced Smartwatch For Kids on Kickstarter. It's the first-ever smartwatch for kids to feature video calling. All-in-one wearable phone, GPS locator, fitness tracker, and more - for kids.

We like the general idea of this smart watch for kids.
  • It's good that they have a way to contact parents that's not easy to lose.
  • Most kids would love this watch.
  • Many kids would enjoy using it to contact friends.
  • Would also be great for actiivies like skiing and traveling with the family.
  • But it's not clear that kids really want to virtually bring their parents with them everywhere.
  • And would it be a distraction in school?
  • Bottom line: here at, most of us would like to try the dokiWatch with our kids.
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