New York Public Library Releases 180,000 Hi-Res Downloadable Public Domain Images: So, Good Luck Working Today

by ParentCo. January 07, 2016

Lose yourself down the rabbit hole of more than 180,000 photographs, maps, postcards and other images released yesterday as high resolution, downloadable files by the New York Public Library on its Digital Collections website.

Use the visualization tool to search (and destroy any work you'd hoped to accomplish today) by century, genre, collection and, my favorite, color! Overwhelmed? To help you get started, the NYPL has also created a few exploration projects, like the mesmerizing Mansion Maniac. With these free, high resolution, and downloadable files, your kids' school projects - you know, the ones YOU actually do - are about to get an infusion of super cool. In the immortal words of NYPL's Facebook page - go forth and reuse!
Source: New York Public Library



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