The Desperate Search for Unicorn Kisses

by ParentCo. March 29, 2016

Everyone is going crazy in the hunt for bottles of Unicorn Kisses from Polar Seltzer.

The company released just 5,000 cases of the bubble gum and taffy flavored carbonated water - said to taste like "sparkling rainbows." In a mania resembling World War Z, people are stockpiling the stuff by the carload.

Shock over #unicornkisses #iwasnappingthewholetime #questforunicornkisses #embarassmentofriches

A photo posted by Elaine (@moniquetrance) on Command Headquarters (East Coast Branch) is tracking sightings of Unicorn Kisses from Vermont to Washington DC. Some say this is a marketing campaign leading up to April Fools Day. But March fools are easy to find - just search Craigslist, where people are paying $25 for bottles of Unicorn Kisses. Unicorn Kisses from Polar Seltzer Beanie Babies everywhere are livid.



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