The (Passive Aggressive) Love Your Spouse Challenge

by ParentCo. September 17, 2016

Day 1

Wow, Kayley Hudson! You got me again girl, with the latest challenge sweeping Facebook! So, just to make sure I have the gist: for four days you want me to publicly practice gratitude for my spouse in my status updates? Hmm, can I just dump a bucket of freezing ice water over my head instead? LOL! (Srsly tho, thanks for clueing me in! I was wondering why there seemed to be an uptick in photos of Jess and Adam with their noses pressed super casually together while they shared a cake pop. It’s all coming together now!)

Alright Facebook - what can I tell you about my longtime hubs, Travis? I guess the first thing that comes to mind is his adorably childlike demeanor. I mean, how cute is he in this pic, wearing his favorite, soy sauce-stained Batman tee? And need I say how adorable it is when he thinks the “Dark Knight” is appropriate attire for a dinner party?

Really, I think my favorite part of the day is picking this shirt up off the floor, right NEXT to where the laundry basket is. This guy is certainly a superhero at our house! Even if he is a 44-year-old man with dander allergies.

In short - thanks babe, for always helping me to see the world through the eyes of a child. A dirty, lazy child.

Day 2

He may be a big ‘ol kid himself, but Trav is also the father of our two, beautiful, boisterous boys: Hamilton Liam and Amadeus Troy. As you can see in this candid, color-coordinated photo session wherein our entire family balanced casually in a weather-beaten wagon beneath a majestic oak, (Precious Memories Photography – mention me for 30% off your back to school pics!)

Trav is a real hands-on father! Really, looking at this photo takes my breath away. You’d never know that mere moments before it was snapped he’d been letting Hamilton Liam jump repeatedly off a hay bale dangerously close to some rusty farm equipment. (Hey babe, I get it! Twitter doesn’t check itself! ) Anyway, as every Mama knows, tetanus shots in the ER are a super fun way to wind down on a Sunday afternoon.

To my partner in crime: back when we first became parents, I saw you staring down at your sons with such wonder, and I just knew you’d always be there for them...always quick to hand them an iPad, or fall asleep in the middle of the living room floor while the Diaper Genie festers to the point of a biohazard explosion. Here’s to the World’s Best Daddy! <3 <3 <3

Day 3

And here we are on date night! Woo-hoo! I believe this was Valentine’s 2013? Yep, pretty sure it is, as that is, in fact, the last time we went “out on the town!” As many of you know, Trav is more of a homebody. More of a “let’s illegally download something awful with Vin Diesel, order Chinese, and spill more soy sauce on our shirt” kind of guy.

Hmmm…trying to remember where we are in this pic? Just kidding! I know exactly where we are, because I planned the entire thing, didn’t I, babe? Just like every date we’ve ever been on. (Wacky Juan’s on 9th has super yummy mojitos, FYI!) I remember you REALLY loved those mojitos, didn’t you, hon? If memory serves, you downed four, and when we got home you flirted with our 16 year old babysitter. ;-) I bet she totally would have taken you up on your offer of a “basic HTML tutorial” if you hadn’t tripped and knocked over the kitchen island, you silly goof.

Ah, well… You may not be Mr. Romance, but here’s to always knowing where I can find my man: on the couch surrounded by shards of Bagel Chips.

Day 4

Speaking of romance… If we’re going to talk marriage, I, of course, have to mention the boudoir! *blushing* True, things aren’t as spicy as they used to be, but that’s just because we’ve discovered the spices at Mamma Mia’s Calzone Shop! (Bonus points: they Seamless!) We’ve both indulged a bit too much lately, and we’re now more 50 Shades of Grated Parm! ?

But just the other night, when I was eating one while crying, you suggested we “fool around” after. And we almost did. Until you came to bed, didn’t even notice my new underwear set, and then made me wait 10 full minutes for you to close down an app. (No babe, Pokemon Go isn’t foreplay! You aren’t going to find Pikachu in there, LOL!)

I eventually just snapped off the lamp and stared angrily at the ceiling for an hour while insisting I was fine. Tee hee! Well, as all married folks know, the mood isn’t always right! I’m sure we’ll try again soon! (i.e. when the planets align and the moon explodes.)

Jeez, already the last day of the challenge! Too bad, because I really could go on and on! This has been a lot of fun, so thanks Kayley! This whole experiment really made me stop and think, wow – what did I do to deserve this fella? Even now as I type, we’re sitting side by side, and he’s audibly picking at the dead skin on his heels. And all I can do is think: I’m so glad this is how I’ll spend the rest of my waking days on earth. Truly, I am #blessed.

And I now nominate my chum Chelsea Boggs, who’s been married even longer than I have! Have fun Chels! Can’t wait to see those pics!



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