These Toys Will Turn Your Kid Into the Next Tony Stark

by ParentCo. February 18, 2016

Don’t we all want to be superheroes? Kids especially. The glamour, the fame, the super-powers and, of course, THE TOYS.

Failing an actual tragic backstory / genius mind / revenge seeking / higher calling combination, our children will need a little help getting started on their superhero status. Here’s what our Tony Stark starter kit contains: 

1 | Monopoly Ultimate Banking Game.

The classic Hasbro game just got an important modern update, eliminating paper cash in favor of electronic payments. Thank goodness too. If you’re flying across the pond in your Ironman suit, you don’t have a lot of extra space for piles of cash or bars of gold, but you’ll still need to eat. This game will familiarize your kids with digital payments so they can swing into the cantina for some mid-flight grub on their way to thwarting arms dealers. At $25, this will be the least expensive tool in the starter kit. 

2 | Thing Maker 3D printer.

How else are mini-Tony Stark wannabes going to build Ironman suit prototypes? Wired describes using the Mattel tech toy, “Kids (or their parents) can work from an existing template or construct their own creation in the ThingMaker Design app, which relies on a simple drag and drop and 3-D visualization to show how the finished product will look…. From there it’s a literal push of a button, and the ThingMaker spits out your print.” C’mon, how Tony Stark-building-futuristic-things-in-his-lab is this?! Btw, it’ll cost your kids a cool $300 for the printer. But given that the adults in the house will definitely want to use it too, maybe you can go halvsies. 

3 | Turtle Mail.

This toy is designed to give today’s digital kid a taste of the ol’ snail mail. But c’mon, obviously superheroes can use this mailbox decoy to send top-secret, easily-destroyed details about planet-saving missions. Turtle Mail uses thermal paper to print messages sent to the little wooden mailbox from a desktop app. Parents can schedule pre-written messages in special fonts. “Parents can also send mazes, crossword puzzles, or riddles to their kids’ mailbox to print out and solve, all provided by the app. There are even characters, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, that parents can send messages from using Turtle Mail.” (Wired) Turtle Mail will require approximately one full Benjamin for purchase. That’s secret superhero code for: $100. 

4 | Tesla Model S.

Fast cars are industry standard for superheroes (and Jerry Seinfeld — but I DIGRESS). Preferably, a little superhero would have a fleet of fancy fast cars, but this Elon Musk-Radio Flyer collab is a pretty rad place to start. Obviously, this sassy little whip is battery-powered. And good thing too, because batteries are the future and that’s what superheroes are saving. Parents will be relieved to hear that saving the planet will have to go at a maximum speed of precisely 6mph. Also, acquiring this stead will require the superheroic act of diligently saving allowance for a looong time. This kid-sized Tesla will burn a $500 hole in the piggybank.
Source: Tech Crunch, Wired



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