Top 5 Health Risks at Nail Salons Explained by Physicians at Texas A&M   

by ParentCo. March 28, 2016

Imagine you’re unwinding from the day in your nail salon’s massage chair getting a pedicure. You’re in relaxation mode, then–ouch! The nail technician accidentally nicked the skin near your toenail. Days later, you discover your perfectly pedicured toe is extremely infected.
Unfortunately, this is a reality for salon-goers. While there’s limited scholarly work about health risks at nail salons, scary stories have cropped up over the years, like a man losing his leg and dying after a pedicure and workers developing allergies to materials used in salons, leading the industry to revamp the standards in salons across the United States.
  • Nail fold infection
  • Follicular infection
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Warts
  • Cancer/Aging
Drying your nails under the UV light seems like a no-brainer, but the consequences can be severe. Although long-term research is needed, dermatologists’ main concern with UV light is the possibility to develop skin cancer or tumors. Additionally, the areas of skin exposed to UV light is susceptible to aging. If you’re concerned about health risks at nail salons, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends asking yourself the following questions, before your next appointment:
  • Does your nail technician have the necessary experience and/or license, if required?
  • Are the stations clean?
  • Does the nail technician wash his/her hands between clients?
  • Are there dirty tools lying around?
  • Are you insane for not walking out of this place the moment you notice the items above?
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