5 Characters I’d Dress My Daughter As For World Book Day

by ParentCo. March 03, 2016

It’s world book day! If my three year old didn’t happen to be taking a ride on the Winter Carousel of Sickness, she’d be at school dressing like her favorite character. We didn’t narrow it down past this list before the plague hit, so in hopes of inspiring others, here are our (ok, in some cases, my…after all, it’s my project, really, right?) favorites.

Whether she’s plotting to stay awake to meet Santa, regaling her classmates with a phony account of saving the circus, or dreaming her way into Degas paintings, Olivia is the most wonderfully exhausting and charming Pig pretty much ever. Both my son and daughter have found her antics hilarious, with the exception of one book where she puts on lipstick. As a toddler, Olivia’s wide toothy smile freaked my son right out of his gourd. But in the pig’s defense, he scared easily.

As a kid, this book was my literary equivalent to Friends reruns. I wore out the spine and softened the pages flipping them again and again. Born to a dim-witted mother, and a spineless crook of a father, Matilda was a tiny genius who wanted nothing more than to get lost in a book. She also showed great restraint in playing pranks on her father that were essentially harmless. I would have opted more for, oh, say, break line cutting.


Imaginative, endearingly irritating, and delightfully curious, Ramona Quimby is my favorite character who may or may not have had her hair cut with a Flobee. Find me a cooler kid than one who names her doll, “Chevrolet”, after her aunt’s car.

D.W. of the Arthur series

Like I don’t envy this kid’s mastery of the side eye. I mean, it’s not like she doesn’t have plenty of practice with that square of an older brother, Arthur. No doubt she’s a little dramatic and sort of a PITA, but there’s no way that whiny chump would stand a chance in the real world if she didn’t start priming him now.

Little Sal


Whether she’s gathering blueberries or digging for clams, Little Sal is the cutest thing in dungarees. When she loses her tooth and tries to look on the bright side, by suggesting a seagull may have picked it up to wish on, and her dumb jerk of a father negates everything she says, she doesn’t let him misogynistic, egotistical need to be right ruin her day.

Which characters would you choose?



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