Babycup | Baby and Toddler First Cups

by ParentCo. December 15, 2017

picture of a baby cup

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Babycup | Baby and Toddler First Cups

Put yourself in your baby’s position: how easy is it to drink out of something the size of a bucket? Little mouths need little cups. Babycup promotes learning, independence, co-ordination, jaw development and dental health. Learn more at and check them out on Facebook.


Babycup is simple and that’s the beauty of it. No lid, no handle. No moving parts. No hard to reach areas to gather mold or bacteria. Best of all, no spout or no-spill valve, so your child learns to sip, not suck. Babycup reinforces the concept that sippy cups were really invented to make life easier for parents without consideration for the development of children, chiefly in the elevation of the tongue, which affects the suckle-swallow pattern from infancy to toddler. A tongue that can’t elevate impedes speech and language development.


A perfect size and weight for baby, you’ll be amazed and proud to see what your child can do with a little time and support. Babycup is non-toxic, BPA/Phthalate-free, and dishwasher and steam-sterilizer safe.


$12.99 for 4 Cups You won’t need more than 4 cups and you’ll reuse them often. It’s a fair price for a food safe product which also develops your baby’s fine motor skills.



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