Extend the Life of Your Wardrobe With The Right Camisole

by ParentCo. April 25, 2017

It’s been my personal mission to find the absolute best camisoles for layering under everything from work to workout clothes. I used to hate wearing them due to uncomfortable bunching and unsightly bulging, but after I had a baby, a few factors changed my opinion of camisoles for the better: 1 | A camisole provides an added layer of coverage in case I forget to fasten a button (this was a huge bonus while I was breastfeeding, sleep deprived, and pumping twice-a-day during work). 2 | A camisole allows me to keep wearing my old off-the-shoulder, v-neck, and boatneck shirts, despite constantly lifting a little being with a tendency to dislodge nicely-arranged necklines. 3 | A camisole can smooth over weird lumps created as my mom body changes (this goes for pregnancy and postnatal). 4 | See-through shirts are everywhere. Hand-spun, soft-spun, cotton-candy-weave, whatever your favorite brand calls the super-soft, super-see-through tee trend, there’s no pulling it off for me, without a cute cami. I’ve even gotten into coordinating colors rather than always going for a nude tank that disappears into the background. 5 | A camisole provides an extra layer of moisture protection, whether it’s from sweat, or even a dreaded breast milk disaster. Just leaving the house with one on suddenly feels safer than going with a single layer, even, and sometimes especially, in the summer. parent co is seeking writers to pay for original submissions With that in mind, I set out to add the best possible camis to my closet. They’ve really helped me extend the life of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, even into my toddler mom years. So with many test runs “under my shirt,” here are the best camisoles for moms.


Everyday Camisole

Target Merona Textured Tank Top
I’m a sucker for softness and this basic tank’s mix of 58% Cotton, 39% Modal, and 3% Spandex feels great day after day, and wash after wash. The texture allows it to stretch (I’ve managed to wear a couple of these almost half way through a pregnancy). The scoop neckline fits well under 80% of my tops, and the fabric blend does not cause bunching in most cases. If it does, I have a camisole for that, next on the list!

Non-Stick Camisole

Charming Charlie Seamless Stretch Cami
This little workhorse was bought on a whim, and then bought again, in almost every color. The main problem with most camisoles has to do with the fabric sticking to your outer shirt and causing it bunch up in weird ways. Enter the adjustable straps and the smooth nylon blend of the Charming Charlie cami. At two for $15, this one is a no-brainer.

Shapewear Camisole

Covet Camisole Vest
If your smoothing needs extend beyond the basic, the Covet Camisole Vest from Queen of the Crop is my pick. It stays put, keeps everything in place, and smoothes without smothering. It looks great under a thin turtleneck, especially. The fabric is also nice and thick, so you can wear it alone, maybe for sneaking out to a yoga class.

Stress-Busting Camisole

Uniqulo Airism Camisole
Sleek and smooth, this one is my pick for warm months and tense situations, since it’s blend of 59% Nylon, 31% Cupro, and 10% Spandex is quick-drying and designed not to stink (Uniqulo calls this anti-odor technology). I love this one for layering under linen button downs in the summer.

Racerback Camisole

Body Beautiful Layering Camisole
The racerback camisole is the piece you always need in your arsenal but never seem to have. It’s perfect for under summer dresses and winter holiday formal attire, so you can take your blazer off when things get stuffy. What I love about this one is it’s ability to fit snugly and stay in place.



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