This Instagram Superstar Has a Cure for the Bake Sale Blahs

by ParentCo. November 14, 2017

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Want to add some snap, crackle, and pop-culture to your bake sale repertoire? I have to confess, when my kids come home with flyers asking for bake sale contributions I get a little flustered. I secretly dream of being a creative treat maker whose contributions are so unique and delicious, kids are clamoring for my creations. But instead I usually wind up making boring brownies from a mix because I am too busy or too lazy to think of something more exciting. Enter Jessica Siskin to help moms like me improve their bake sale success or afterschool snack cred. Siskin is the creator of the Instagram sensation @Mister_krisp and author of the recently published book "Treat Yourself, How To Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats." Siskin’s life as a Rice Krispy artist began 2012. She was invited to a potluck birthday dinner and needed to bring a dessert. She was not much of a cook or baker so she decided to make Rice Krispy treats. But instead of just cutting the treats into squares, she had the idea to add food coloring to the mix and then mold the entire batch into a surfboard (the birthday girl loved to surf.) Everyone at the party loved it and their enthusiasm inspired Siskin.

The following night so made rice krispy treats again, this time adding several different food colorings and forming it into a cheeseburger. So proud of her creation, Siskin took a photo and posted it on her Instagram account. The post got 100 “likes,” the most she had ever received. Siskin knew she was onto something. Since then, Siskin’s treats have been featured on Today, in the Wall Street Journal and in O Magazine. Her treats have their own Instagram account @Mister_krisp with over 50,000 followers and her website receives orders everyday. Rice Krispy treats are an ideal option for the holiday season. The basic recipe is listed right on the box and consists of just four ingredients. (Siskin’s creation requiring a fifth, food coloring.)

“The secret to good Rice Krispy treats is not allowing the marshmallows to melt too much. The amount of time varies, but visually should still be able to see mini marshmallow forms in the melty goo,” says Siskin. There are over 93 recipes in Siskin’s new book, including how to make a snow man, a terrific dessert for a holiday gathering or class party. It’s a simple way to get kids involved in the kitchen without turning on the oven. “Making Rice Krispy creations with your kids is super fun and interactive,” says Siskin, “And you can snack as you go along! The trick is not to take it too seriously.” Siskin would love to see the Rice Krispy treats you come up with. Feel free to DM her a photo at @misterkrisp



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