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by ParentCo. November 22, 2017

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Meal Planning, Recipes, Shopping List, and Peace of Mind

Learn more at eMeals.com The process of feeding the family, or yourself for that matter, is expensive and consumes valuable time and energy. Planning ahead is hard. Following through on the plan is harder. Simplify the process. Save money. Stop wasting food. Earn time. Get eMeals!


The concept is simple, but extremely powerful. Get the app, and choose a meal plan that meets your needs. Select the meals from the plan. Let the app auto-generate your grocery list. Visit the grocery store one time each week. They offer a variety of plans suiting individual needs, tastes, and health goals as well. From heart healthy and Paleo plans, to kid and budget friendly plans, they cover it all. If only it could clean up after you, as well. Bonus: Grocery delivery is available through Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery, or Kroger ClickList.


The user interface in the app is completely intuitive. The grocery list generator is by far the best feature bringing together all the ingredients (and, anything else you want to add) for each of the recipes you intend to use into a single checklist right on your phone. Easily share the list with your partner, spouse, or roommate, if it’s easier for them to get to the store that day. Or, better yet, just have that food delivered.


eMeals is $5 per month, and offers a 14-day free trial. As far as value goes, eMeals takes the cake. Sign me up!



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