A Family Guide to the CAN-AM Indoor Football League

by ParentCo. March 29, 2017

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Not everyone who loves football lives near an NFL Franchise. The NFL and College football seasons are a short four to five months of the year if you include pre-season and playoffs. For many families, that just does not meet their football needs. Fans are always looking for ways to get their football fix. Here is the Parent.co guide on why your family should go enjoy the newest in professional football experiences: the CAN-AM Football League. Here are some of the arguments we hear, and how we dispel them.

It's Too Cold to Watch Football

Whether you are in the US or in Canada, WE AGREE! Right now, it is way too cold to sit outside and watch football. Here in Vermont, where Parent.co is located, we still have two feet of snow on the ground and the windchill is still hovering right around zero. But it's a perfect to welcome the Vermont Bucks of the newly established CAN-AM Indoor Football League. They play inside (nice!) in a temperature-controlled environment. You can stay warm and watch live football in Vermont. This excuse has been crushed.

There is no Good Football in the Northeast

The biggest team in Pro Football is the New England Patriots. (Duh.) They are the best football team in the world, at least this year. (Good luck getting a ticket where you can actually see the field without binoculars.) Then you have Boston College, Ivy League, and the Canadian Football League or CFL.

Now the CAN-AM Indoor football league is also a great option to watch some excellent football. They recruit former players from high-end Division One colleges to play for their teams. These are guys who still have professional aspirations, and this league could help get them there. You don’t think this will be some awesome football to watch? Think again. It's a small field with lightning-fast Division One players. Sounds pretty good to me. The level of play is high and the collisions are intense. Some of these players will be on the big stage someday. Don’t tell me they can’t play ball.

Not a Family Atmosphere

There is something at these games for everyone. A high level of play, pre-game and halftime shows, good food, cheerleaders, and a dude in a mascot suit. What could be more entertaining than that? This is a fun sporting scene for the whole family.

Sorry, but I Cannot Afford the Ticket

This is the biggest complaint I hear about people looking to go to an NFL game. Don’t worry, this league has you covered. A family of four can go to a Vermont Bucks home game for $73.90, two adults and two children, general admission tickets. What a deal.

This is a fun, developmental league that is building their brand on family entertainment and a high level of football. Good eats, not a bad seat in the house, and good entertainment. What more could a family ask for?



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