Kiddie Pool Digest: The Buzz About Bees

by ParentCo. June 05, 2017

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The Kiddie Pool Digest will be back each week with a new fun theme and interesting activities, facts, and bits from around the web for curious kids of all ages. (Curated by Jamie Sumner)

Summer is here. Ready or not. What better way to kick off the season than to celebrate with the rest of the planet on World Environment Day? This year, we’re giving a round of applause and some love to the little guy, the bee.



Fun Facts About Bees

Check out all 13 fun facts about bees
Watch & Learn

Videos about bees and our planet

The Honey Bee
Can plants talk to each other?
repurposed plastic from the ocean makes new (old) art
Stephen Colbert and Viggo Mortensen: Save the Bees
Forms in Nature
The color blue is rare in nature


But Why?

A podcast for curious kids from Vermont Public Radio

How Do Butterflies Fly?

How do butterflies fly? Why are butterflies called butterflies? How do airplanes fly? If gravity pulls everything down, how do planes and rockets get up in the air? Why do planes have engines and how do they make them? We're visiting ECHO, the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for answers.



Take A Deep Dive

Help to save the bees – create a bee garden!

Unless you are allergic to bees, bees are harmless when left to themselves. They prefer to do their thing while you do yours, putting dinner on the table for us all. To help keep the little workers employed, let your kids create a pollinator-friendly flower garden. From backyard to balcony, these flowers can grow anywhere—a plus for those of us without naturally green thumbs.  Purchase wildflower seeds that target pollinators. Poppies, sunflowers, mint, and thyme are all big winners with bees. Make sure you find a good mix that's Non-GMO, Neonicotinoid-Free, and nectar rich. (Get 10% off a great pollinator mix)  Clear a patch of earth by digging up grass or clearing weeds. Spread a thin layer of potting soil over the area. Alternately, fill window boxes or free-standing pots.  Gently shake the seeds over the soil and gently press the seeds into the soil (some flowers won't germinate if they're covered with soil).  Water immediately and then follow the directions on the packet for watering frequency.

Parent Co. partnered with American Meadows because they’re committed to keeping the bees happy, healthy, and buzzing about.

Get 10% off all wildflower seeds with the code:


Covet & Collect

Bee artistic



Beeswax Crayons



Bee Garden: Colouring Book



Get your groove on

Buzzworthy jams

  1. “Sugar, Sugar” - The Archies
  2. “Mother Nature’s Son” – Beatles
  3. “Down to Earth” (from WALL-E) – Peter Gabriel
  4. “Beautiful Day” –U2
  5. “Bein’ Green” –Kermit
  6. “Big Yellow Taxi”—Counting Crows Version
  7. “The 3 R’s” –Jack Johnson
  8. “Circle of Life” (from Lion King)
  9. “Society”—Eddie Vedder
  10. “Clear Blue Skies” –Crosby, Stills & Nash

Page Turners

Sweet reads


Bee and Me by Alison Jay

Show Me the Honey, A Cat-in-the-Hat Reader

Look up the stars


What more appropriate constellation to celebrate the environment than Libra, the scales? After all, nature is all about balance. We’ve got to give a little with every bit we take.

"This week, you'll find Libra almost due south between 10 p.m. and midnight local daylight time. It's really only important because it's part of the zodiac. But Libra could just as well have served as part of the two larger constellations that flank it: the Scorpion to its left, or the Virgin to its right." Read more about Libra

Get some star-gazing assistance

Star WalkStar Walk for Kids: Learning Astronomy and Space

Some reading for you

The Wonder of Exploring the Night Sky With My Young Son


Parent Co. partnered with American Meadows because they’re committed to keeping the bees happy, healthy, and buzzing about.

Get 10% off all wildflower seeds with the code:




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