Lugabug | Suitcase Seat for Toddlers

by ParentCo. July 06, 2017

little girl sitting on suitcase seat

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Lugabug - suitcase seat for toddlers

Check out to learn more Traveling with children means more luggage, more family management, and more stress. When kids get tired or uncooperative, and you’re waiting in line at the airport, racing to a gate, or just trying to get a cup of coffee, the Lugabug is there for you. This “snug seat for tired feet” attaches directly to the front of your carry-on rolling suitcase and keeps your toddler cozy, rested, and safe.

Overall: 3.75


Innovation Rating: 5

With the addition of a few straps and clips, Lugabug totally transforms a popular camping chair design into a one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose travel wagon for kids. .

Usability Rating: 4

It takes a little practice to get the seat tension adjusted just right and transition from stillness to rolling along. That said, for its intended purpose, the Lugabug performs exactly as expected. Minimum age: 2 years. Maximum weight: 60 lbs.

Price Rating: 2

$64 *UPDATE (Nov. 2017): The Lugabug is Made in the USA, thus the current price point. The team at Lugabug has notified us they’ve been working hard to bring the price down on their product line, and we should see a shift starting in early 2018. We can’t wait for more people to have access to such a great design. Although the Lugabug is a totally clever riff on a similar product (the CozyCreek camping chair), does the innovative addition of two additional straps to secure the chair to a suitcase justify the $64 price tag? Maybe not. Especially if it isn’t a daily-use item. But I still want one.



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