LugBug | Car Seat Handle

by ParentCo. November 15, 2017

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LugBug | Car Seat Carrier Handle

Learn more at If you’ve ever carried a carseat with a baby for any length of time, you can relate to the forearm, shoulder, back, or wrist pain that comes along with the chore. Sure, there are “techniques” for easing the wrenching, but it just seems to get worse the bigger your baby gets. Stop the struggle and avoid injury with LugBug, the sturdy, multi-angle adjustable, clip-on car seat carrier.

Overall: 4.0


Innovation Rating: 5

LugBug is designed by engineers and ergonomics experts to alleviate that strain that comes with the unnatural carrying position that’s par for the course with all baby seats. It allows you to reposition your arm and shoulder into the most convenient carrying position for you.

Usability Rating: 4

We noticed on some occasions the LugBug could bump into the door jamb when we were putting the seat in and the seat handle was at full, upright extension. So, you either need to unclip it, or put the handle down. Lightweight in and of itself, it did seem to make the carrier a tad heavier than normal. While these small things are worth considering, it seems like a fair tradeoff considering you’re saving your joints and ligaments from considerable strain.

Price Rating: 4

$39.99 There is a ton of thoughtful engineering that went into the design of LugBug, but we did find the price tag a tad high when considering all of the other necessary items you need to purchase as a new parent. With that said, this is the perfect gift for someone who is expecting. It’s something that they might not initially buy for themselves, but they’ll be very thankful that you did!



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