LulaKids | LulaClips & LulaBlocs

by ParentCo. September 21, 2017


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LulaKids | LulaClips & LulaBlocs

See more at Getting your kids in and out of the car can be a (literal) pain, and you’re going to do it thousands of times before they’re riding along without a car- or booster-seat. You’re struggling to wrangle a squirming child between the car seat’s tangled buckles and straps, and, giving up, you have to fish out the straps from underneath them – not fun for anyone. The kids grab for the buckles, but it’s a hot day, and the buckles are like branding irons. If your kids are older and riding in booster seats, you want to empower them to clip themselves in, but when the buckle is flopping around or buried between the seat back and cushion, your opportunity is lost. Enter LulaKids’ genius parenting hacks, LulaClips and LulaBlocs.

Overall Rating: 5

rating scale: 1-5

Innovation Rating: 5

I wish I’d invented these simple, effective devices. The clip attaches to the carseat with a well-guarded safety pin so kids won’t poke themselves. The magnet on the clip has just the right amount of resistance to keep the straps out of the way. That’s all there is to the LulaClip, and it does it’s job really well. High Five! The LulaBloc slides over the receiving end of the buckle and holds it in place so you, and your child, can always find it. It’s a simple solution to an annoying problem. Interestingly, emergency workers have found that LulaBlocs increase the ease and efficiency of removing a child from their booster seat – a very good thing, especially in emergencies.

Usability Rating: 5

Pinning a LulaClip to your car seat is simple, and it stays there firmly, once attached. Pro Tip: Get a second set of clips to use on your jogging stroller. Sliding a LulaBloc over the buckle is also a breeze and never requires re-installation or adjustment.

Price Rating: 5

$12.95 LulaClips, includes 2 clips (good for 1 car seat) $12.95 LulaBlocs, includes 2 blocks (good for 2 buckles) At $13, this seems like a no-brainer price to pay for making your daily schlep just a little easier.



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