May the Fourth Be with You: 7 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

by ParentCo. May 04, 2017

My husband might love me more for my devotion to Star Wars than for my devotion to our children – specifically for the fact that we agree that Episodes 4-6 are still the greatest. I don’t tell him it’s really my crush on Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher that keep me loyal. If you fancy yourself a Star Wars fan, I’ve got good news for you. May 4th is your day. Officially known as “Star Wars Day” all over the world, this is the day where all the sci-fi, space opera, Lucas lovers out there can throw on their Boba Fett t-shirts and say with purity of heart, “May the fourth be with you.” parent co is seeking writers to pay for original submissions Historically, the first Star Wars Day was celebrated at the Toronto Underground Cinema in Canada in 2011. It hit international status in 2013 when Disney adopted the holiday with special events at both Disneyland and Disney World. Of course, because you knew this was coming, it went universal in 2015, when astronauts paid homage on the day by watching Star Wars in the International Space Station. I mean, what else are you going to do? So, if you share a love for Yoda, have ever taken a Buzzfeed quiz on whether you’d join the dark side, or own a single action figure, it’s time to join “forces” on May fourth. Here are some ideas to help make your holiday… epic.

7 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day:

1 | Watch all the films

Obviously. The real question is what order you choose. Will it be in order of preference? Will it be chronological? If so, will you follow the story line or the film dates? These are serious issues to discuss with the ones you love. You don’t want to be caught unprepared.

2 | Teach your kids about the importance between good and evil and pull those toddlers and teenagers back from the dark side

What better metaphor for teaching your children the difference between right and wrong than that scene at the end of Episode 5 when Luke would rather lose a hand than succumb to the dark side? You do run the risk, however, of your children calling you Darth for the rest of the day.

3 | Dress up

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Let the kids wear the Leia hair and drag their plastic light sabers to the grocery store and the playground. Dad, wear the t-shirt that reads, “I am your father.” Mom, wear anything with Harrison Ford’s face on it. It’ll make you smile. Trust me.

4 | Send a Star Wars E-card

It might not be as personal as snail mail, but it’s much more timely. If Luke could have sent Leia an email when he was freezing on Hoth, he wouldn’t have had to climb inside the belly of a tauntaun. Here’s a good one for inspiration.

5 | Brush up on your Star Wars fun facts

Because you know there will be trivia games all over the world waiting for you to dominate, and because you need to know what actor almost didn’t return for the third movie, and how old Yoda was when he died.

6 | Watch the parody

Please watch Spaceballs. With Bill Pullman as Captain Lone Starr, Rick Moranis as Lord Dark Helmet and Mel Brooks as Yogurt, I might like this film even more than the original – and there’s a special homage to Alien at the end that you don’t want to miss. 7 | Go to LEGOLAND. This is for the diehard fans – the ones who wish they could celebrate Star Wars day every day of the year (and might). LEGOLAND, for two weekends only, May 6-7 and 13-14, will be Star Wars all day in every way. You can see some of the most famous scenes made out of 1.5 million LEGOs and visit with characters in full costume or have your kids join the kids’ costume parade. If you are in doubt about how to celebrate Star Wars Day, all I can say is: “search your feelings,” and you will know the truth, whatever that may be. Know that you will be among friends on May 4th.



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