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by ParentCo. July 14, 2017

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Click to learn more at The diaper has come a long way in the last century. Bambino Mio leads the way in diaper education and innovation, affording parents of un-potty trained children the financial, environmental, and emotional ROI that comes with the decision to use cloth diapers.

Overall: 4


Innovation Rating: 4

The Miosolo is an all-in-one nappy. It’s also one size, meaning the adjustable snaps and soft velcro fasteners will keep a single diaper in-play (washed between uses, of course) until your kid is potty trained. Hidden in the diaper is a super-absorbent core with an easy pull-out tab system, which makes removal of the core for cleaning super simple. This also improves washing performance and drying time. Meanwhile, the “stay-dry” inner layer keeps baby’s skin cool and dry.

Usability Rating: 4

The Miosolo is easy to put on, washes well, and dries quickly. It is a little bulky and takes up space in the diaper bag. Like all cloth diapers it requires a mobile diaper pail/bag, which also takes up space. That said, I still really appreciate the functional design of the Miosolo and have not experienced any leaking, even in prolonged-wear situations.

Price Rating: 4

$20.00 For a single diaper, this might seem expensive, although its price point is on par with other major cloth diaper brands. The best bet is to buy a set of diapers. Five diapers saves you 10 percent, 10 diapers save you 15 percent, and 20 diapers saves you 20 percent.



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