Snuggle Me Organic | Co-Sleeper/Lounger

by ParentCo. July 16, 2017

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Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeper

Visit for more details Introduction to the world is jarring for a fresh baby. With the warm, cradled experience of the womb suddenly gone, new babies yearn for a soothing, secure transition. The Snuggle Me assists in that transition by recreating the feeling of being nestled in the womb and helping baby feel safe, warm, and secure for the first six months.

Overall: 4.33


Innovation Rating: 5

In a competitive market for co-sleeper/loungers, Snuggle Me rises to the top with it’s totally simple, one-of-a-kind, snuggle technology. Baby’s natural weight presses down into the center (mattress pad-free) fabric, which gently pulls the sides of the Snuggle Me in to cradle baby’s sides and keep him safely on his back.

Usability Rating: 5

From the moment I laid my baby down in the Snuggle Me it was clear she felt secure. I’m confident its continued use in our household was beneficial in creating the sleep routine that has had my daughter sleeping through the night since 10 weeks. (She’s now seven months old). I can’t wait to purchase a fun, new slipcover and pass the Snuggle Me onto my friends who are expecting next March.

Price Rating: 3

$120 - $320 It’s expensive. However, you can purchase a no-frills Snuggle Me that serves its purpose for considerably less than the trendier competitor. If you want to go with organic fabric and organic fill, you’re looking at $220. Add a wool slipcover and compostability to the mix and you can come in at $320. In my mind, this is must-include item on your baby registry.



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