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by ParentCo. December 27, 2017

Swaddler diapers

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Swado Swaddle

Baby swaddling has been documented for hundreds of years, developed out of a very real need for babies (and parents) to get the sleep they need. First-generation swaddling blankets have evolved over time as researchers expanded their understanding of infant development and safe sleeping options. Now, we’re faced with a dense market of swaddles, swaddle sacks, and sleep sacks each featuring some combination of unique fabric, fancy wrapping technique and secure velcro closures. That said, not all swaddles are created equal and new-to-market Swado has just set the bar. Visit their website to learn more.


Touting GoodCatch™ Fabric, this swaddle uses a long-lasting microfiber with self-adhering technology to effectively eliminate the painful scratching noise of velcro while holding just as strong. The swaddle features a safety chest strap, strapping under the arms to keep the swaddle from riding up and over baby’s mouth and nose. It’s elastic banded leg pouch easily opens to allow for quick, quiet diaper changes while keeping baby’s arms wrapped.


This swaddle is easy to put on baby in a matter of seconds. It allows for any arm positioning to suit baby’s sleeping preferences. Forget velcro, with Swado there’s literally no noise involved in micro-adjusting the wings for a precise custom fit. You can wash the swaddle hundreds of times without losing any holding strength, and it doesn’t adhere to baby’s other clothes in the dryer. Cold night? Because of the unique design, parents can secure an extra blanket within its wings.


$39.99 - $44.99 Whisper quiet, soft, incredibly well-designed, and recommended by the international hip dysplasia institute, this swaddle takes the cake. Get one, then get that much needed rest. Be sure to check out Swado’s new, regular cotton model, “Sweet Almond”, in early 2018.



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