Travel Tray | Cup and Snack Holder

by ParentCo. November 17, 2017

Travel tray cup and snack holder

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Travel Tray | Cup and Snack Holder

Learn more at Travel Tray is an innovation that is simple in design, yet makes all the difference in avoiding messes in the car, and the distraction that comes with trying to clean them up. Fit it in your child's car seat for a snack on the road, or keep it up front for yourself!

Overall: 4.5


Innovation Rating: 5

When you see it you realize how simple an idea Travel Tray is, but that doesn’t make it any less innovative. Almost every parent can recall a time when they were less than safe in the car when reaching into the back seat to aid a kiddo who has dropped something. As simple as it is, Travel Tray is certainly innovative. It also makes a great travel companion for adults on road trips and as an accessory for camping. There are a million uses for Travel Tray.

Usability Rating: 3

When we saw the product for the first time at a recent trade show, it seemed to be working really well in a myriad of seats. We wanted to give the Travel Tray a higher rating for usability, but we did have a tough time getting it to sit snugly in the booster seat we had available. With that said, we contacted the Travel Tray team and they already have a more universal fit system in the works. Don’t let this rating dissuade you from buying this product. It will most likely fit your make and model.

Price Rating: 5

$14.99 Travel Tray is priced perfectly. These days, there’s not much you can get for less than twenty bucks that will give you the peace of mind and adaptability that Travel Tray offers.



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