WutsupBaby | Organic Quinoa Cereal

by ParentCo. September 28, 2017

Wuts up baby food

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WutsupBaby | Organic Quinoa Cereal

Learn more at wutsupbaby.com Ensuring our kids are getting regular nutritious meals and snacks sets them on track for a life of good health, and that’s one of the best gifts we can offer them. That said, it’s hard for busy parents to find the time and energy to prepare nutrient-rich meals every morning. Say hello to WutsupBaby, a healthy, high-quality meal option leveraging the nutritional power of quinoa.

Overall Rating: 4.67

Rating Scale: 1-5

Innovation Rating: 5

The quinoa powder is pre-cooked so you just add your liquid of choice (water, juice, or breast milk). The individual packets are a totally portable and convenient snack option made from simple, nutritious ingredients: quinoa, fruits, and vegetables.

Usability Rating: 5

Packaged in appropriately sized 0.5-oz. easy-to-open packets, you can have breakfast made for your 6+-month-old (4+ months with the “original” option) in under three minutes while holding her in one arm. (I did this.)

Price Rating: 4

$10 - $11 With eight packets in a box, you’re essentially getting a week’s worth of breakfast options for approximately $1.25 per serving. The 0.5 oz. size is just the right amount for a single serving if you slice up some banana or mix with applesauce or yogurt. If you buy in bulk, you can find quinoa for $5 to $8/lb (~$0.25/serving). Ask yourself if the time and energy to grind, heat, cool, and mix before feeding your kiddo in the morning is worth that $1 difference. For me, it totally is.



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