These 7 Books Will Have Your Kid Searching for Bigfoot (And Other Awesome Cryptids!), While Expanding Their Minds

by ParentCo. January 08, 2018

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I was a little uneasy when my four-year-old recently expressed an interest in Bigfoot. He’s a scary monster, right? And my son is an impressionable child. Yet, rather than crushing his excitement and focusing on the frightening elements of this legend, I turned Bigfoot into a fun learning opportunity. Together, we talk about the colorful history of this fantastical beast, chart his whereabouts based on purported evidence, and dress up as cryptid investigators to go on our own Bigfoot hunts. In a short time, my son has learned about history and science while honing his listening and analytical skills – all thanks to Bigfoot, who really isn’t so terrifying. Children's book author D.L. Miller says, "Bigfoot has transitioned from a scary paranormal beast to a beloved cultural icon. He is both celebrated at local festivals around the country and also by professional cryptozoologists." Books have helped smooth this transition from horrific monster to lovable beast. If your child loves adventure and mysteries, these seven books will have them searching for Bigfoot (and other awesome cryptids), while expanding their minds:

Little Bigfoot Hide-and-Seek

by Alicia Van Gotten (Author)

Babies and toddlers will love this inquisitive little book where they can discover Bigfoot hiding on every page. Seek-and-find challenges engage young children’s natural curiosity and spark an early love of puzzles. It’s a bright, sunny day. Little Bigfoot is ready to play! Can your little one find Bigfoot under the table? In the forest? Floating down the river?


by Ashley Spires (Author, Illustrator)

“Larf” is an engaging picture book about a lonely seven-foot-tall, scarf-sporting Sasquatch who has wisely chosen to live a quiet life in the woods, away from scary humans, with his little bug-eyed bunny, Eric. Although he is happy with his life, he often longs for companionship. So one day he goes on a great adventure in search of another Sasquatch he can befriend. When he doesn’t find another right off, he wonders: is he all alone in the world? “Larf” is a delightful little story for young readers with huge imaginations.

Looking for Bigfoot

by Bonnie Worth (Author),? Jim Nelson (Illustrator)

“Looking for Bigfoot” is a step-up chapter book that examines the evidence, folklore, and science around Sasquatch. The book seeks to answer two very important questions: Is Bigfoot a descendant of the extinct giant ape Gigantopithecus? Or is it a myth turned pop-culture phenom that we want to believe is real? Illustrated with photographs and full-color illustrations, this book will catch the intention of young skeptics and enthusiasts alike.

Finding Bigfoot: Everything You Need to Know

by Animal Planet

Imagine finding a huge footprint in the woods. Or hearing a strange howl off in the distance. Clues can lead your child to the ultimate discovery. In “Finding Bigfoot,” from Animal Planet, your child will learn everything they need to know to search for Bigfoot and related creatures. The book is packed with information and illustrations to accompany them on their hunt. “This is a great book. I got it to use in my classroom for kids who were ‘Finding Bigfoot’ fans. They loved reading it and have become more interested in cryptozoology,” says one Amazon reviewer.

Bigfoot Seek-and-Find Challenge Series

by D.L. Miller (Author)

Shy and reclusive, Bigfoot spends most of his time in the deep dark woods, rarely spotted by humankind. Until he sneaks out for a vacation or to explore the cities of the world. Can your child spot him? D.L. Miller's seek-and-find series starring Bigfoot, shows the famed creature as an adorable world-traveling hero. Fun facts and pictures accompany each scene to help your child learn more about the world around them – all while finding Bigfoot. The series is ideal for children (and adults) of all ages.

The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates

by Nick Redfern (Author)

Whether called Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or something else, strange bipedal creatures appear in folklore, legends, and eyewitness accounts in every state and around the world. “The Bigfoot Book” explores the history, movies, and literature, the conspiracy theorizing, and the world of the supernatural surrounding this elusive beast. With nearly 200 entries and 120 photographs, drawings, and illustrations, it is the definitive guide to understanding, hunting, and possibly finding this mammoth once and for all. Ideal for older children, calls the book "a comprehensive resource into the most notable creature known to cryptozoology."

“Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature”

by Loren Coleman (Author), Jerome Clark (Author)

For teens and young adults, “Cryptozoology A to Z” is considered the bible of cryptids. The book contains nearly two hundred entries with definitive descriptions and many never-before-published drawings and photographs from eyewitnesses' detailed accounts. Which Bigfoot books would you add to this list? Share in the comments!



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