KidKusion | Teething Armour

by ParentCo. January 09, 2018

Comercial of teething pad

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KidKusion Teething Armour

Cover shopping cart handles, crib rails, and stroller bars with this multi-purpose teething pad from KidKusion. Learn more at


When baby’s gums are fired up as their teeth are coming in, parents will do whatever it takes, wherever they are, to help ease the pain. The teething pad is a one-of-a-kind pad attachment to any sort of rail that baby’s mouth might encounter. With low profile hook and loop fasteners, the pad attaches securely without potential for scratching baby or grabbing clothing. It’s sensorial pad has a ridge and bump pattern for baby to massage their gums and teeth all they want. Also from Teething Armour is a clever wrist band teether that slides over baby’s hand giving them a soft, food grade silicone bump and ridge plate landing pad for their sore gums, and keeps fingers free to explore.


Easy to use and quick on-and-off, the teething pad is a simple solution to soothe the wrath of a teething baby and protect them from the toxins and germs on shopping cart handles. It’s 4 velcro loops allow you to attach your keys, as well as baby’s toys. Machine washable. Ages 3 months and up.


Teething pad: $17.99 Teething wrist pad: $5.99 Gnaw on with this collection from KidKusion.



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