Kids mix beats, rhythms, and loops with Loopimal

by ParentCo. September 19, 2019

picture xylophone keyboard and tablet green background

Introduce your kids to the world of computer sequencing and music composition with Loopimal by Yatatoy. This iPhone and iPad app is a building tool full of delightful well-designed animations by Lucas Zanotto and sound effects by Ulrich Troyer. Kids can experiment with rhythms, build loops, mix beats, create sequences and compose music by dragging and dropping animals and sounds programmed by Niels Hoffman. There is no wrong or right way to use the app. It’s intuitive. Loopimal uses only the white keys of a keyboard for music composition, so all sequences are in the key of C-major. Kids can add their own rhythms and sounds with their voices, hands, objects and other instruments to change it up. We recommend Loopimal for kids ages 2 and up. Unlike some music-making apps that make you want to bash your head against the wall, it’s loads of addictive fun for grown-ups too! We often hook up our iPhone to our home sound system and let our seven-year-old DJ while we cook dinner to keep everyone entertained. Kids may also like Drawnimal for drawing animals and learning the alphabet and Miximal for mixing up animals and syllables. You can find all three apps at Yatatoy.



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