Holiday STEAMcation: Activities for Kids During the Holiday Break

by ParentCo. December 14, 2021

Holiday STEAMcation: Activities for Kids During the Holiday Break

Holiday break is a great time for both you and the kids to get some much needed R&R, but without schools open, life can quickly become boring without its usual stimulation. That’s where the joy of STEAM comes in - with plenty of creative (and often inexpensive!) ways to stay entertained and active at home. Encourage everyone in the family to partake in a “STEAM Staycation” with some of our favorite engaging activities.

    1. Anything But Paper! – Bring out their inner artist and pique their curiosity by challenging your kids to find kitchen items to paint (with your permission, of course) - such as egg crates, paper plates, maybe even a vegetable or two! It’s exciting for your child to paint “against the rules” on something other than paper, and it‘s a huge creativity boost. You can even find household objects to serve as “brushes” - anything from Q-Tips to sponges works! 
    2. Treasure Quest - Yes, it’s basically a scavenger hunt with a fancy title, but when your scavenger hunt is full of STEAM stimulation, it deserves an extra special title!  Build out a series of clues for your little adventurers to decipher, making sure to find fun hiding spots in each room. It’s a great way to challenge their brains in different areas while offering the encouragement of a satisfying reward at the end.
    3. Cooking or baking - Making something edible together is always a great bonding exercise because it’s educational AND yummy. It’s a perfect time to teach your children the joys of cooking and some principles of nutrition that will form the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Plus, who wouldn’t want some extra sous chefs in the kitchen for the holidays?
    4. Kid Chemistry - Just like cooking or baking, kids love science activities because they are so hands on. There are tons of mini experiments you can conduct with household objects. Make rock candy formations with sugar and water, grow a carbon sugar snake by adding baking soda and sand, or simply learn to become human sundials.There’s plenty of ways to work in STEAM experiments as well - try creating a bubble flute where your kids can create bubbles with the sound of their voices.
    5. Go on a virtual adventure. - Modern day problems require modern day solutions. Bored at home? Travel virtually! Destinations all over the world, like Yellowstone, Boston Children’s Museum, and the Louvre are offering a peek behind the curtain from the comfort of your home. They’ll learn about culture and geography, and everyone will be motivated to collaborate on ideas for a future family trip.
  • Write a story or scrapbook. - Create a family keepsake together. Gather photos, stickers, markers, pom-poms and the remainder of your craft closet, and get to work capturing some of your favorite memories together. Or put on your author hats and take turns writing the next great novel (no pressure). 
  • Do something a-MAZE-ing - This STEAM activity hits multiple facets, combining science, art, and engineering. Using paper plates and markers, have your little ones create a maze where they will lead a magnetic ball though with the use of a stronger magnet underneath. You can even challenge each other to a maze race!
  • Get physical - Of course, getting everyone’s bodies moving on an off week is a must. Doing a charity walk together is certainly in the holiday spirit, and is a great way for everyone to give and get back so much more. Or turn the lights down low and throw a family disco dance night party - costumes optional!

  • There are so many ways to encourage your young ones to participate in STEAM activities, and it starts by making them fun. Get creative, get curious, and your home will certainly be filled with much joy this holiday season.



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