A Halloween Song to Get the Whole Family Dancing

by Dane Rivera October 25, 2022

kids using a lap top on halloween

We’ve all been there, the Halloween party is fast approaching and we have the drinks, eats, decorations, and costumes all in place. Now it’s time to put together the most important aspect of every party — the playlist. The thing is, there aren’t actually that many good spooky songs that also make you want to dance (there’s plenty of lyric-less scary tracks). Obviously, you’ve got Monster Mash. But Monster Mash came out 60 years ago and while everyone expects to hear it and you should spin it… it’s a bit played out.

Enter, renowned Brooklyn DJ and Crush Club member Le Chev and children’s book writer Steve Bramucci. The duo — calling themselves Scream Time, a “screen time” reference parents are sure to smirk at– has the antidote to Halloween song burnout. Their new track “SPIN! There’s A Ghost Behind You!” might just be “Monster Mash” for this generation.

The track is funky, fun, and chaotic in all the right ways — easy to dance to while still being addictive enough to sing along with.

“A chill hit the air, the lights started to flicker. We heard a strange howl — time to walk quicker. The leaves all rattled — the sky had gone gray. There’s something behind you, floating our way!”

Bramucci’s verses will be fun for ‘90s rap fans (they sound a little like early Fresh Prince) and lead to the best type of Halloween track chorus: the kind that teaches you to dance.

“SPIN! There’s a ghost behind you!” the duo chants. “Spin! Spin! Spin! Spin! Anddddddd… FREEZE!”

The “freeze” moments after the chorus help kids catch their bearings and breathe before the fun starts again. If you put it on, you’re guaranteed to have the whole party spinning, jumping, and running in place. And while “Monster Mash” is never going away, this one might get requested more by the kiddos!

SPIN! There’s a Ghost Behind You” is on all streaming platforms.

Dane Rivera


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