5 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

by Hannah Howard August 24, 2023

father holding newborn baby son in nursery

There’s nothing like a crying baby to stop you in your tracks. When that baby is yours (or your responsibility), you’re an exhausted parent, and nothing you do seems to be working—it’s an absolute nightmare. I say this from my own personal experience.  

Babies can be mysterious. They have no language to tell you what’s wrong, and they cry for so many reasons, from sensory overload to dirty diapers to change in their routine.  

Deep breaths! We’re here for you.  

Babies absolutely cry, and sometimes there’s not much you can do. But other times, one of these strategies can work wonders. Here are five tried and true ways to soothe a baby. Here’s to peace, quiet, and tranquility.  

Make sure their basic needs are met 

Just like grownups, it’s hard to be in a great mood when you’re hungry, tired, or uncomfortable. First things first. If your baby is exhausted, wind down for a nap. If they are ready for a snack or some milk, offer something wholesome and delicious. (I am always shocked so many snacks littles ones need. I bring snacks everywhere.) Make sure you have a clean diaper and give lots of cuddles. Rock or bounce your baby gently. If you’re worried that something is wrong, give your pediatrician a call.  

Take a walk 

I leaned on walking a lot when my little ones were babies. My trusty baby carrier let my little ones stay close while we savored fresh air—something about spending time in nature felt soothing for me and my babies. I’d listen to a podcast or call a friend while I kissed the top of my little one’s head. Oftentimes, they’d fall asleep as I walked. As my babies became toddlers, we switched to the strollers and kept walking.  

Have the right tools 

Fill your little one with wonder and set sail for sweet dreams with this best-selling Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. This snazzy product comforts babies with classical melodies and glows with light effects. Little eyelids grow heavy with the unique Drift Off feature, which gradually softens lights and sounds every 10 minutes. Even the busiest babies need a good night’s sleep, so they can explore the world around them well rested and refreshed. The Sea Dreams Soother will catch their eye and calm them down.  

Music can be magic  

Sing a song, turn on the radio, or play your favorite music. Some babies respond to sound as well as movement, and music can change their mood and spark joy. Don’t know the words? That’s okay, they don’t either! You can make up your own lyrics or sing a familiar tune like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or You Are My Sunshine. White noise can also help your baby fall—and stay—asleep.  

Take care of you, too  

Crying can be tough to handle, especially if you're physically tired and mentally exhausted. Make sure you take a moment to check in with yourself. Put your baby in their crib for a few minutes and grab a glass of water. Call a friend for support. Remember, this will pass. Even if your baby is colicky and everything is a blur. It’s really hard, and you are going to make it through.  

Hannah Howard


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