These 7 Books Can Inspire Kids to Get Up and Move

by ParentCo. September 04, 2023

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Today, many kids spend an extraordinary amount of time watching television and playing video games. We parents set limits and do what we can to encourage them to get active. Sometimes, what they really need is a little literary inspiration. Although reading is considered a sedentary activity, books about exercise and healthy lifestyles can introduce kids to a lifetime of fitness.

Here are seven books that will make your child want to put down the controller and move their feet:

Dancing Feet

by Lindsey Craig (Author) and Marc Brown (Illustrator)

Clickity! Clickity! Long green feet! Who is dancing that clickity beat? This toddler book will have your little one dancing with the rhythmic prose. Accompanying the quirky and fun text, are dancing animals, a singsong beat, and guessing games ideal for young minds. “A surprise pairing of partners ends this cheerful story and acts as a motivator to get children moving,” says “School Library Journal.”



by Lolly Hopwood (Author), YoYo Kusters (Author), and Luke Flowers (Illustrator)

A 2016 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) winner, “Move” is a book that children can actually play with! “Move” combines imaginative play with movement, encouraging your child to get active for 60 minutes. One activity encourages children to hold the book up to their faces and stomp and roar like dinosaurs. With die-cut holes and handles, they can even hold and spin this unique book like a flying saucer. Or fidget spinner. “Move” will foster reading and physical activity.

The Busy Body Book

by Lizzy Rockwell (Author and Illustrator)

More than just another fitness book, this delightful gem from Lizzy Rockwell introduces kids to anatomy and physiology. Rockwell explains in simple terms why your body works and moves the way it does and how you can live healthier and be more active. Our bones and muscles, heart and lungs, nerves and brain all work together to keep us on the go, and now kids will understand why. “There aren't many books that make human physiology accessible to preschoolers. Rockwell's message is the joy of physical activity, but she also does an excellent job of connecting exercise with detailed information about the body and how it works,” says “Booklist.”

Good Night Yoga

by Mariam Gates (Author) and Sarah Jane Hinder (Illustrator)

If your child is having a tough time winding down at night, try some good night yoga! Yoga is so good for the body and mind that it was even formerly endorsed by the President’s Council. "Charming and practical, ‘Good Night Yoga’ is a gift to parents and children alike. This beautiful offering from Mariam Gates turns a time that is often filled with consternation into one of connection and joy. This one belongs on every child's night stand,” says yoga therapist Nikki Myers.

Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food

by Charles Wilson (Author) and Eric Schlosser (Author)

Fast food is highly processed food and not very good for our health or wellbeing. Unfortunately, kids tend to favor fast foods over other types of foods. “Chew On This” is an eye-opening, yet kid friendly book about what goes into fast food and why kids should steer clear of these menus. Once they read this one, they may never walk under the Golden Arches again.

Total Teen: Tracy Anderson's Guide to Health, Happiness, and Ruling Your World

by Tracy Anderson (Author)

In a world ruled by Photoshop and the perfect selfie, fitness pioneer Tracy Anderson wants teens to embrace themselves and their unique qualities, so they can build a foundation of self-worth and respect in the years that follow. “Total Teen” encourages a body-positive approach to health, fitness, and food.

Project You: More than 50 Ways to Calm Down, De-Stress, and Feel Great

by Aubre Andrus (Author), Karen Bluth (Author), and Veronica Collignon (Illustrator)

Perfect for the teens in your life, “Project You” teaches balance, how to reenergize after a long day, and how to find your center to calm down and de-stress. They can also create a vision board to help them stay motivated and achieve their goals. Since the teen years can be particularly stressful and busy, this is a terrific book to set your child up with good practices for life. Which fitness and healthy lifestyle books for kids would you add to this list? Share in the comments! We’ve selected these items because we want these great products to be on your radar! Parent Co. is an Amazon Affiliate Partner and we will earn a small share of revenue if you decide to purchase a product using one of these links. By supporting us through this program you are helping to keep the lights on and the banner ads off.



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