5 Reasons Moms Make Great Business Owners

by Hajira Khan May 01, 2024

mother caring for her baby girl while working from home

What do motherhood and entrepreneurship have in common? Actually, a lot.

Mothers, much like business owners, are required to be multi-tasking experts. Both need to plan, execute, adapt, problem-solve and delegate to get the job done while working in stressful conditions. These shared traits and abilities equip moms to become successful business owners themselves. As a mother of four and the owner of two Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care franchises, I can attest that parenthood has only bolstered my business savvy.

Just as moms are well-suited for the business world, entrepreneurship is ideal for the busy mom. Business ownership offers a more seamless integration of work and life, allowing mothers to raise their children while growing a successful enterprise that contributes to the financial stability of their family.

By embracing their natural skills and the benefits of entrepreneurship, mompreneurs can find balance between their professional passions and family responsibilities. Read on for five reasons (among many) why a busy mom should consider becoming a business mom.

Pursue your passions

    Starting a business allows mothers to pursue their passions and interests, turning what they love into a profitable venture. For example, teaching has always been my passion. I attempted to return to the classroom after having my third child, but I realized that juggling a full-time work schedule alongside my full-time mom duties wasn’t feasible. Instead, I discovered the stability and flexibility in the franchising model and decided to open my own educational child care business.

    There are so many opportunities when it comes to opening a business. Consider your unique skills and the activities you're enthusiastic about to start brainstorming your future venture.

    Achieve work-life balance

      Balancing a traditional 9-to-5 job with child care can be challenging for many mothers, often requiring support from family or child care providers. Owning a business can give moms the work-life balance they crave, enabling them to prioritize their family while also pursuing their professional goals.

      I recently met a single mom who owns her own hair salon. She closes her business every day from 2-3:30 p.m. so she can pick her children up from school. Her customers have adjusted to the schedule, allowing her to run a successful business while simultaneously prioritizing being present for her children.

      I’ll be honest—it takes time to establish work-life balance. It does not happen overnight. It’s a process—just like motherhood doesn’t guarantee a full night’s sleep from day one. However, once you overcome the initial hurdles, entrepreneurship can provide much needed flexibility. It's your business, which means you get to choose how and when it runs.

      Find financial freedom

        Entrepreneurship offers mothers the opportunity to generate their own income and work toward financial independence, which is key to empowering moms. Everyone’s idea of financial success is different depending on personal priorities. Consider your family’s goals and wishes—what level of financial stability would it take to achieve them? Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to boost your family’s income or a single parent seeking greater flexibility for your budget, owning a business could be your ticket to financial freedom.

        Achieving financial autonomy provides greater support and the power to make decisions that align with your personal values, all while setting a strong example of self-sufficiency and determination for your children and those around you.

        Empower yourself

          While entrepreneurship presents challenges, it also offers mothers the rewarding combination of personal growth, self-development and the flexibility to manage their families. For example, my business journey partially started out of necessity. My husband and I realized that there were no high-quality childcare options in our community—and we didn’t have any family nearby—that would allow both of us to return to work.

          This obstacle encouraged me to open my first Kiddie Academy. I never imagined the level of success I would achieve, or that I would go on to open a second location and that my businesses would win multiple awards. It’s a very empowering experience, one that myself, my family and my community have benefited from.

          As mothers, we give so much to others around us every day. This is a way to do something for yourself. Running a business can empower you, boost your confidence and bring a sense of achievement.

          Set an example

          Being a business owner can be a great way for mothers to set an example for their children. As your little ones watch you step into entrepreneurship, they’ll learn skills far beyond business. Your children will observe you taking risks, pursuing your passions and overcoming failures. Naturally, they’ll learn that if they go through life with the same kind of perseverance, they’ll be able to achieve their goals and dreams, too.

          Involving your little ones in your business journey is also a great way to spend more quality time together while reinforcing the values of entrepreneurship. My own children were a part of our process as we worked to open our Academies. Now, my eldest daughter is pursuing a college business degree with hopes to open her own business in the future.

          Instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in your little ones will equip them with creativity, resilience, and a growth mindset–which will take them far, regardless of if they choose to become entrepreneurs themselves.

          Just like raising children, running a business requires determination, perseverance, immense support and, of course, the occasional good cry. But entrepreneurship can be a fulfilling and empowering way for mothers to combine their professional ambitions with their family responsibilities. You’ve got this, mom!

          Hajira Khan


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