Benefits of Taking a Digital Detox Weekend

by Jack Shaw March 20, 2024

Benefits of Taking a Digital Detox Weekend

Many parents enjoy scrolling through their phones for a little break, but going into the digital world can get addicting. Sometimes, you can hardly even put your mobile device down because one more TikTok can’t possibly hurt, right? If you feel a little guilty, it may be time for a family screen-free weekend. There are many benefits of a digital detox to look forward to.

Less Stress, More Sleep

Going on social media is often seen as a stress reliever, but there are actually times when it can induce tension and headaches. For instance, seeing multiple posts about a tragedy or copious negative comments can change your mood.

There’s also the matter of FOMO — or the fear of missing out. Nowadays, everyone loves to share their lives on social media. You might see the experiences of multiple families and get a sudden urge to put yours next to theirs. It could even get personal, where you compare an influencer’s appearance or status to your own.

Social media stress can take over your days, but it can be even more worrying when it starts to impact your nights. One study finds regular use of smartphones or tablets is associated with bad sleep quality in adults. If it gets to that point, find ways to lessen your use of these devices — you’ll become more relaxed and well-rested.

Extra Time to Spend

Having extra time is one of the best benefits of a digital detox. If you search for your Screen Time on Apple or Digital Well-being on Android, you might be surprised by how much time you spend on your phone. Consider putting those hours into different relationships and yourself instead.

With Family

Quality time is a fundamental love language in many families. Kids grow old and parents grow even older, so spend the present with them right now. You can also rekindle your relationship with your life partner. Test the waters before introducing a family digital detox weekend to the young ones.

With Friends

Many adults only stay connected on social media, but there’s a different level of closeness when having conversations and spending time offline. Get your social skills back and see your friends during the weekend at an old restaurant you both used to love. You can also initiate an activity together, like a game night or a hike.

With Yourself

Parenting can be rewarding and enjoyable, but about 41% of Americans think being one is tiring all or most of the time. Rather than spending your free time on your phone, make it a point to treat yourself. Take yourself out to the movies or pick up a hobby you used to love. Make the most out of your alone time.

Improved Level of Privacy

A digital detox is more than just lessening your exposure to the online world — it also involves protecting your privacy. People tend to post every experience and moment they have in their life. Parents are susceptible to the same behavior, from sharing a milestone at work to a family vacation that reveals your location.

Disconnecting from your phone can help you savor more precious events. You can still share some photos and videos, but keep most of what happens to yourself. Aim to eliminate the compulsion to post an update for your followers. These interventions can also protect your life partner and kids from having their whole life on display.

Setting an Example for Kids

No one wants their children to become addicted to their devices or social media. It can be a dangerous space that’s full of false information and cyberbullying, especially for young, impressionable people. A digital detox makes you a role model for your kids. By showcasing how you can stay off your phone, they can have the same inclination to put down theirs.

You can also find different outlets for them to focus on, such as electronic storybooks over mindless television and mobile technology. Parents may also encourage their children to play outdoors to find different interests. Join them in their adventures of discovering something new by cheering them on.

Increased Self Discipline

A digital detox is a great way to increase your self-discipline. Some people let technology control their lives, but parents should understand where they can draw the line.

Disconnect Regularly

A digital detox can help you release your phone without negative feelings, leading to scheduled screen-free time where you can connect with other people. For example, ban technology during dinnertime on certain days a week. You and your family can try talking over the dinner table for a month instead of constantly checking your phone.

Get More Chores Done

When you don’t let your phone keep you busy, you can find more time and energy to complete chores around the house. Wash the dishes and sweep the floor to keep the space tidy. You can also finally get your hands on the dreaded laundry basket. There’s nothing like waking up to a brand new week with a fresh load of clothes.

Exercise Your Body

Being a couch potato with your phone can be fun, but it’s essential to stay healthy. A digital detox can be a significant step toward leaving the house to take a walk or head to the gym. Getting a few stretches in every weekend can get your joints moving and build up your endurance in the long run.

Focus More on Work

Technology can help boost your productivity, but it can also affect your attention span. In an interview, UC Irvine informatics professor Gloria Mark highlights how workers are prone to switching tasks almost every minute because of the never-ending distractions smartphones provide.

On a digital detox weekend, you can get quality rest and recenter your focus. By the time you get to work on Monday, you should be sharper than a knife.

Round Up for a Family Digital Detox

Parents can take charge and lead the family towards taking time off phones and tablets. Reap the benefits of a digital detox like lessening your dependence on these devices and gaining back your time. Good luck!

Jack Shaw


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