A Mom's Top 10 Television Moments of 2017

by Parent Co. December 21, 2017

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It was an amazing year in what is truly the golden age of television. For your enjoyment, here are my top 10 moments from TV in 2017:

1 | My kids were going on an hour of whining about getting to sleep, and it was already 9:30 pm. Instead of yelling at them, I just sat on the floor of their room, headphones in, watching "Twin Peaks: The Return." They fell asleep eventually and I got to be terrified at literally a group of ghost hobos reviving a lodge spirit in the forest. Win-win.

2 | I had a panic attack upon returning to our house filled with evidence of a mouse infestation after traveling for four hours on Thanksgiving weekend, so I watched that gripping episode of "The Deuce" where Candy finally sees a path for her life and career and knew I would be okay too.

3 | My husband and I were practically in tears due to delayed trains, annoying bosses, random extra-stressors like another need to call the exterminators (this has been a rough friggin' year), and two children under five who hate most foods, sleep, listening, and being decent people, so after watching that moment in "Game of Thrones" when Drogon fucking annihilates the Lannister army in one fell-flaming swoop, we were rejuvenated.

4 | That time I folded 400 pounds of laundry while watching Dev grow up having Thanksgiving every year with his buddy Denise’s family in "Master of None."

5 | Rerun Alert: I was a few seasons deep re-watching "Parks and Recreation" when Leslie and Bobby Newport are debating, and I realized they wrote the whole goddamn story of the election cycle in 2016, which somehow helped dull the pain that has been politics in 2017.

6 | That time my jammies were on and the Advil finally kicked in after I pulled a back muscle from pulling weeds in my yard, and David Haller mind-danced his way out of his mental prison crafted by psychotic Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) in "Legion."

7 | After our car broke down and then it was hit by another car, which resulted in us getting a new car, I laughed until I cried (which rarely happens anymore) watching Titus spray hot tub water on Dionne Warwick, leading to her demise in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

8 | That time I felt like I’m no older than a teenager and nearly fell on the floor laughing and crying with happiness when Eleven returned to the gang with her bitchin' new look in "Stranger Things 2."

9 | The hours of free time and feelings of hope for the world I saved not watching the latest season of "The Walking Dead."

10 | In midst of a head cold, the fever dream I had after watching "Lady Dynamite," in which Blueberry the pug told me the name of my first novel and how old I’ll be when I die.

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