Crazy Russian Hacker is Your New Favorite Science Guy

by ParentCo. January 29, 2016

In the three years since Taras Kulakov started his wildly popular YouTube channel, Crazy Russian Hacker, he's uploaded more than 400 videos with nearly 800 million views. According to this Tech Insider article, Kulakov started out in 2009 doing origami videos, transitioning to science experiments and DIY in 2012. The combination of his knowledge, thick Russian accent, understated humor, and affable personality makes his videos highly watchable. The Crazy Russian Hacker's most notorious line must certainly be, "Safety is number one priority." and much of what he puts up is definitely kid-friendly. In fact, the video in the header is good to go for families! This kitchen-gadget testing video is fun for adults, but does include a few mishap swears. Enjoy! Source: YouTube, Tech Crunch



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