Dear Friend Without Kids

by ParentCo. May 22, 2015

women with child with brick background

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Dear Friend Without Kids, I still like you. I know we haven’t talked in a long time, but please know that I think you’re really great and wish we could spend more time together. Like I said, I still like you. The only reason I haven’t called in three weeks is that my son is going through a horrible sleep phase and I am running on four hours a night most of the time. I fell asleep upright while watching the finale of “Mad Men.” It’s getting serious. I’m your number one fan. I just can’t meet up with you at a restaurant on an hour’s notice anymore because, here’s the thing: it takes me an hour to convince my daughter to put her shoes on. I still really like you. I just don’t like going out as much as I used to. You’re so great. It’s just that babysitters are expensive, so I don’t want to pay through the nose just so I can be your wingman at a bar on a weeknight. I mean, unless you paid for drinks. Wait, never mind. I can’t even drink a lot because I’m breastfeeding. I still like you so much. It just takes me more than 2 minutes to respond to your texts. Or anyone’s texts, for that matter. Texts are more like e-mails to me now. You are such a great friend. I just don’t think you care enough about how cute my son looks when he sneezes. I showed you that photo of his wrinkled nose like eight times and you hardly even smiled. What’s that about? I like everything about you. I just can’t hang out past 6pm. Like I said, I still like you. And I really want to stay friends, so if you could just please pretend to get excited about going to the zoo with us, that would be great. Love Always, Your Parent Friend.



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