Take an Internet Field Trip: 5 Links to Share with Your Kids

by ParentCo. March 21, 2015

Share awesome, fun links with your kids on an Internet Field Trip curated for Parent Co. by Today Box. Today Box curates fun and educational daily facts, videos, photos, and jokes for curious kids and the grown-ups who raise them.
Week of March 21, 2015
Dueling Piano Sibling Listen to a brother and sister duel at the piano with a Frozen mashup. They can even play the piano backwards! iss earth Get a personal tour of Earth and mini geography lesson from astronauts aboard the International Space Station. aquarium Visit the second largest aquarium in the world located in Japan. Gaze at manta rays, whale sharks, and other tropical fish. Rubik's Cube Watch how fast this robot can solve a Rubik's cube. eagle Descend from the world's tallest building in Dubai on the back of an eagle. View over 950 amazing kid-friendly posts on Today Box.



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